Preventing Piles Disease | How to Prevent Hemorrhoids

Piles Prevention Measures:

  • The best way to prevent piles is to drink plenty of water. Water in the body will help in quickly eliminating body wastes, which is very important for the body to empty itself of harmful toxins that may cause various infections.
  • In order to complement water, one should also eat a lot of dietary fibers from fruits and vegetables.
    Just like water, fibers also help in the easy elimination of body wastes to free the body from toxins. As such, diet is also elemental in keeping a person free from piles.
  • Another way to prevent hemorrhoids is to practice better posture, particularly when sitting. This is to avoid having one part of one’s rear end bear the brunt of the body’s weight for a long time while sitting.
  • Along with this, it is recommended that one should use squatting toilets instead of sitting toilets. This is because the former reduces the pain from piles when eliminating wastes.
  • Other factors that will be great in preventing piles is to wear more comfortable clothing and avoid those that are too tight and constricting.
    Here, cotton undergarments are the best choice. Looser clothing will result to lesser instances of irritation and enhanced muscle tone in the anal region.

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