Causes and How to Get Ride of Blind Pimples with Home Remedies

Sebaceous glands on the skin produce natural oils, which are essential to keep the skin moist and oily. Obstruction of these sebaceous glands results in the formation of pimples. Obstruction results in accumulation of the sebum, which when infected, results in enlargement of the sebaceous gland.

What causes blind pimples?

Blind pimples, similar to acne pimples are caused due to build up of oil in the sebaceous glands present within the pores on the skin.

These obstructed sebaceous glands further react with bacteria and dirt and tend to result in infection.

On the outer surface, these sebaceous glands appear in the form of red bumps which are often very painful. Further since most of the blind pimples are associated with secondary infection, they tend to affect a larger surface of the skin. Absence of a head, in case of blind pimples results in inability of the pimple to break open. This can lead to permanent disfiguration of the skin.

What to do for blind pimples?

There are certain safe techniques which you can use to get rid of blind pimples

  • Using hot compress along the surrounding areas of the blind pimple, promotes circulation in the affected area.
    Increased circulation hastens the process of healing by bringing on the pimple head, which makes it easier for the pimple to open and dispose off the infectious waste accumulated within.
  • It is essential to remain adequately hydrated. Water helps flush out toxins accumulated in the body and also hastens the process of healing. Drinking a lot of fresh fruit juices can also be beneficial
  • Local application of alcohol on the affected area, several times a day can also help in brining on the pimple head.

Blind Pimple Home Remedies

Some of the very effective and efficient home remedies for management of pimples include,

  • Local application of honey is very beneficial. Honey has several antiseptic properties, which helps eliminate the bacteria, responsible for the occurrence of the pimples. Further, honey also works as a deep cleansers and is associated with lower incidence of scarring in individuals with acne. Raw honey is more effective compared to pasteurized or commercial honey
  • Local application of lemon juice is also very effective. Lemon juice acts as a skin cleanser, which helps eliminate the accumulated dust and bacteria on the skin. Further lemon juice also acts as a bleach which makes the skin glow
  • Vitamin A and Vitamin C play a crucial role in enhancing skin health and reducing occurrence of skin ailments including blind pimples and acne. Increase the intake of foods rich in vitamins namely citrus fruits, dark green red and leafy vegetables, mangoes, lime, etc. Local application of creams and ointments contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C will also help considerably.

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