What Causes Pimples on Skin | Reasons for Acne Formation

Pimples Causes:

Have you tried looking at your skin and wondered why you have been getting pimples since you got into your teen years? If you answered yes to this, then you will be interested to know that there are certain factors in our body that cause this.

  • Pimple outbreaks are caused by the sebum that clogs the millions of pores found on our skin.
    The sebum is an oily substance formed when the oil glands connected to the skin pores are blocked by dirt and other matter.
  • The increase of hormonal levels during puberty and the menstrual cycle is also a major factor of pimple outbreaks. This elevation would result in the production of a hormonal by-product known as DHT, which works at stimulating the oil glands thus clogging the pores further.
  • The over-clogging of pores can cause the production not only of pimples but also of acne. This problem should be treated as soon as possible through the use of ointments and creams. These topical treatments are applied directly on the blemish. If this skin condition worsens, a dermatologist’s help should be sought immediately.

There are now a lot of dermatologists and skin care clinics that can address not only your pimples or acne problem, but also it root cause. They will work with you in managing the health of your skin.

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