Diet for Pimple Treatment | Foods to Avoid Pimples

Pimple-Free Diet:

It is possible to have a pimple-free diet. You can start this by drinking lots of water, which helps in flushing out the toxins from your body. Here are some other diet tips that you can follow to avoid getting pimples:

  • Eating foods that are rich in zinc is also a good way to prevent your pimples from turning into acne.
    You can get this mineral from lean meat, shellfish, skinless chicken, seeds, and nuts.
  • Beta-carotene found in orange and green vegetables like carrots and spinach as well as mangoes and apricots are also good foods for pimple prevention. The body will convert beta-carotene into vitamin, which is good in the maintenance of your skin’s health.
  • Controlling blemishes like pimples can also be helped by taking in foods rich in polyunsaturated fats. This can be found in oily fish, seed oils, and nuts. These foods, which also contain vitamin E, are very beneficial for the repair and maintenance of healthy skin.
  • Stay away from sugary drinks like cola and fatty foods like fried chicken, cheeseburger, and french fries.
    Instead, try to limit your meals and snacks to such foods as fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
  • You also need to cut down on your sweet and chocolate intake as well as on your salty snacks. Cakes and other sugary food as well as alcohol should also be avoided because of their ability to produce toxins that are often excreted through blackheads, pimples, or acne.

4 thoughts on “Diet for Pimple Treatment | Foods to Avoid Pimples

  • February 21, 2014 at 4:24 am

    My face is full of dark spots. It is very annoying when pimple appear on my face. I break them as soon as they appear. Can you tell me what food I should take to control pimples? I drink a glass of juice daily. Which is the best juice that may help to prevent pimples? Is there any home remedy for removing dark spots on face?

    • February 22, 2014 at 2:08 pm

      Pimples develop due to many reasons; hormonal shifts may be one of the causes. If your skin is excessive oily, the pores may clog and bacteria makes its way in them. A bump forms as the oil secreted cannot come out into the skin. Avoid eating fried and oily food. Wash your face many times in a day. You can drink any fresh fruit juice as they all contain vitamin C and other nutrients necessary for healthy skin. First of all avoid bursting pimples as it leaves behind scars and dark spots. To remove dark spots, milk is considered a natural and safe home remedy. Milk contains chemicals which act as whitening agents. Apply milk on your face and wash it afterwards. Follow the procedure daily for weeks for promising results.


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