Symptoms of Pimples | Signs of Mild and Severe Acne Formation

Pimples Symptoms:

Because pimples and acne are so closely related, you might be confused as to which can be called a pimple and which could already be considered as acne. To make sure, you must closely examine your blemishes.

  • Pimples first appear as blackheads or whiteheads usually on the face, neck, shoulder and chest. Once these blemishes get infected by dust and other substances, they normally get inflamed and reddish in color, thus turning into a pimple. Most pimple outbreaks develop into acne.
  • Mild to severe acne are characterized not only by blackheads and whiteheads but also nodules and pus-filled lesions. Because the symptoms of acne could also be like those of other skin conditions, it is best if you will see a doctor for it to be diagnosed.
  • You will usually know that you are suffering from severe acne if you will experience pain from the blemishes on your skin. You must have this treated as promptly as possible because acne can leave serious scars that you might like to live with forever.
  • While acne can last for only as short as a few weeks, it can also go to as long as months or years. There are even people who suffer from acne for the rest of their lives.

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