Diet, Vitamins for Pneumonia Disease | Foods to Avoid Pneumonia Infection

Pneumonia Diet Treatment:

Aside from preventive measures, you can also battle pneumonia by following a diet that boosts your immune system.

  • You can do this by always eating fruits rich in Vitamin C like pineapple, oranges and apples.
  • Eating a daily diet of foods that are rich in antioxidants would also be very beneficial.
    These foods include fresh vegetables and fruits that are dark in color. Fruit as well as vegetable juices are also great additions to this diet.
  • Drinking more than just eight glasses of water everyday is also beneficial if you have just suffered from pneumonia or is still suffering from it. In fact, it is even better if you drink half of your body weight converted to ounces in a day.
  • You should also take care to avoid coffee, strong tea, and other stimulant beverages. Meat and alcoholic beverages as well as white flour, white sugar, and products made out of these ingredients should also be avoided.
  • So if you want to stay away from pneumonia, remember to get rid of foods that are fatty and sugary from your diet.
    Eat foods that heal like those that are rich in the vitamins and minerals needed by your body to recuperate.

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