Preventing Pneumonia Disease | How to Prevent Aspiration Pneumonia

Pneumonia Prevention Measures:

  • One of the best preventive measures for pneumonia is vaccination, although this is only good for some types of bacterial pneumonia. This vaccine will not protect anyone from most forms of viral pneumonia or the kind of pneumonia contracted by people with low immune system.
  • Although a pneumonia vaccine is needed by most people only once in their lives, those at risk for getting the illness may have to be given a second vaccination.
    Individuals with low immune system should discuss with their doctors if they need this second vaccine.
  • People over 65 years old as well as those suffering from a serious chronic disease should have themselves vaccinated. Heart diseases and diabetes are just among the serious conditions being suffered by a person who need a vaccine against pneumonia.
  • Aside from vaccination, there are also measures that can be done personally to avoid getting pneumonia. One of the most basic is to avoid virus and bacteria that could bring about respiratory infections like flu and cold. This can be done by proper hand washing.
  • You have to make sure that you wash your hands before you eat and after you have gone outside your home.
    Although ordinary soap is basically okay, you might want to use antibacterial soaps that provide extra protection against viruses.
  • Other preventive measures against bacterial or viral pneumonia include not smoking, increasing the capacity of the lungs through doing aerobic exercises like brisk walking. Breathing exercises, which enables anyone to take in breaths that are deep, slow and relaxed and letting out air through pursed lips, could also help.

Preventing Aspiration Pneumonia:

  • Not using or spraying chemicals when it is windy. If you must work during windy weather, ensure that the chemicals are blown away from you. You should also wear a mask over your nose and mouth as well as wear clothing that could protect your skin from the chemicals.
  • Opening the windows when using products for cleaning, especially inside small-sized rooms.
  • Reading and following all the directions for safety stated on the labels of any chemical that you will be using.

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