Reasons for Grey Hair in Beard and How to Prevent or Treat

Almost everyone does not want to age too fast which means showing signs of aging at a much earlier age than they expected. This can happen especially with the stresses of today’s life. Grey hair is just the start of looking old. Others signs can include wrinkles on the face, sagging skin, and many more.

Many of these can be remedied and restore a person’s youthful appearance.

Grey Hair in Beard

  • Graying of the hair is seen as a sign of aging.

  • There are many factors that can cause graying of the hair aside from age.

  • Graying of the hair is predetermined by the genes and is also accelerated by certain factors.

  • Graying of the hair can mean all the hairs in the body including the beard.

  • In men with darker hair, this phenomenon is much more noticeable.

  • When hair turns grey because of age, this is acceptable for many and they tend to let it be without looking for treatment.

  • Grey hair on the beard when the man is only in his mid-twenties or thirties is something to worry about.

Reasons for Grey Hair in Beard

Aside from age, there are many factors that can accelerate the graying of a man’s hair or beard.

  • Thyroid disorders

  • Vitamin deficiencies especially vitamin B12 deficiency

  • Vitiligo

  • Smoking

  • Anemia

  • Stress

  • Hereditary factors

How to Prevent Grey Hair in Beard

Prevention is best done for men with a family history of premature graying of their hair although any man can also adapt these methods to help premature graying of their hair.

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Eat foods that are not only delicious but are also nutritious to avoid vitamin deficiencies.

  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise keeps the body healthy and helps manage everyday stress and tensions.

  • Manage stress healthily. Stress is an everyday part of life. Managing stress in a healthy way will keep the body’s stress levels at an acceptable or even low limit.

  • Ditch unhealthy habits. This includes ditching smoking and any other unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Grey Hair in Beard Treatment Remedies

There are different ways to getting the grey out of the hair or the beard.

  • Try shaving. For men who have always worn or grown a beard, shaving it off will help them look young and takes away any grey hair.

  • Try coloring the hair. If coloring the hair is intended, the beard should also be colored too. The man must always use good quality hair color to prevent damaging the hair, the scalp, and the surrounding skin.

  • Natural remedies such as gooseberry or curry leaves. These are excellent for enriching the hair’s pigmentation and nourishment.

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