Causes of Premature Hair Graying | Premature White Hair Causes

If you are experiencing premature greying of hair and you believe that did not get this condition from your genes, then there are other factors that could cause it. There are two main causes for this condition and these are mental worries and insufficient diet.

  • There are a number of nutrients lacking from the bloodstream that could cause the premature greying of hair and these include the B vitamins, iodine, copper, and iron.
    If your daily diet lacks these essential nutrients, you could get grey hair early.
  • When it comes to mental worries, you should know that this produces a great deal of tension on the skin of your scalp. This tension could interfere with the supply of the needed nutrients that are needed to have healthy hair.
  • Other emotional factors like jealousy, anxiety, failures, disappointments, depression, and fear are also known to have unfavorable effects on the hair. They cause dryness of the scalpular marrow, which is the essential sap at the hair’s root.
  • If you also have unclean scalp almost all the time, this could also hasten the greying of the hair.
    Because this could cause dirt blockage of the pores, this could weaken the hair’s roots. Frequent use of hair dryers also contributes to this condition.

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