Symptoms of Premature Hair Greying | Signs of Premature White Hair

Premature Grey Hair Symptoms:

Because it concerns the appearance, the most common signs and symptoms of premature hair whitening are quite blatant. The most common of these is the loss of the hair’s natural color at an early age or basically before the age of 35.

However, there are other things that you have to watch out for when it comes to this condition.

Other symptoms that may not be as obvious as the hair color and one of this is the thinning of hair.

  • You will notice that your hair is thinning if the growth of your regular and thick hair slows down or stops altogether. In the place of these hairs, the thinner and greyer hair would appear. This condition can also start with the brittleness of your hair.
  • Aside from your hair’s appearance, there is also another factor that could be seen as a sign for premature greying of hair. This is the frequent occurrence of headaches. This is especially true if your grey hair is a result of nutritional deficiency or sinusitis.
  • If you have noticed one or two of these symptoms when it comes to your own hair, then you would already know where things are headed. Remember that while the transformation of this condition might be fast, it does not happen overnight.

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