Treatment For White Hair: Causes And Remedies For Premature Grey Hair

Nowadays you may come across many young individuals in their 20’s and 30’s having more salt than pepper in their hair, meaning their hair grow white in early age, contrary to the belief of hair losing its color with the advancement of age.

Causes Of Premature Grey Hair

  • This premature graying of hairs is partly contributed to stress and improper dietary habits.
  • The cells of hair follicles secrete pigment called melanin which is responsible for hair color. When this cells stops producing the pigment, the hair turns white in natural course.  But in premature white hairs, the process begins early than normally it should have been.
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • Heredity is another cause for hair to grow white at an early age.
  • Uses of hair dyes, hair dryers, are few other causes for premature white hair.

Treatment And Home Remedies For White Hair

  • One of the finest home remedies for preventing and treating white hairs is gooseberry.
    It is an effective natural hair tonic for enhancing hair growth and its pigment. Cut 5 to 10 fruit and dry it in shade to prevent oxidation of some of its ingredients. Now boil them in coconut oil till the oil forms thick. Store the oil in a bottle and apply regularly, the oil thus prepared is very useful treatment for white hair.
  • Prepare homemade butter from cow’s milk and massage it regularly on your scalp. It has the property of preventing and treating white hairs.
  • Curry leaves are useful in strengthening the hairs and they are also useful in preventing white hair. Grind few curry leaves and prepare a paste. Add it to buttermilk before you drink it. You can also boil curry leaves in any vegetable oil and apply the oil locally over the scalp.
  • Juice from Amaranth leaves is another white hair home remedy which is very effective. Apply the fresh juice of this vegetable on the hair regularly; it helps the hairs to retain the black color.

How to prevent white hair?

  • Massage your scalp regularly with almond oil in a gentle circular motion. This enhances the blood circulation in the scalp and benefits the hair roots.
  • Eat yogurt regularly in your daily diet. It encourages the growth of good bacteria in the intestine which facilitates better absorption of vitamins and minerals vital to prevent premature white hair.
  • To prevent premature white hair, eat food rich in all nutrients. Avoid refined sugar, white flour, jams and jellies and cokes.

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