What Is Hematospermia? Its Causes, Symptoms And Natural Treatment

Hematospermia is a condition which is characterized by blood in the semen. The condition may be attributed to factors like infection, tumor or trauma around the prostate. While in most cases it may be difficult to identify the exact cause, the condition is self-limiting and usually resolves naturally. The condition is relatively rare and the treatment depends upon the underlying cause. This article discusses the treatment regimen to alleviate the symptoms associated with hematospermia.

Blood in semen is a rare condition and is most frequently linked to a prostate biopsy. In most cases the condition is self-limiting and resolves naturally within a few days, however in other cases medical intervention may be required.

Unfortunately there is little known about the prevalence or incidence of the condition. This is primarily since the condition can’t be observed in most cases. The treatment regimen usually depends on treating the underlying cause of the condition.

Causes And Symptoms Of Hematospermia

As per estimates about 80% of cases of hematospermia are linked with prostate gland biopsy and the condition may last for about a couple of weeks. Another frequent cause of hematospermia is vasectomy. However there are certain other causes which may be associated with presence of blood in the semen, these include,

  • Tumors- both benign and malignant are linked with blood in semen.
  • Certain infectious conditions like herpes, cytomegalovirus, chalmydia, etc are also associated with hematospermia.
  • Inflammatory conditions of the genitourinary tract like prostatitis, urethritis and epididymitis are causes of blood in semen.
  • Stone in the prostate or in the seminal vesicle can also lead to bleeding in semen.
  • Urethral polyps, cysts or ejaculation duct obstructions can be associated with hematospermia.

Hematospermia Symptoms

Some of the common symptoms associated with hematospermia include the following,

  • Painful micturition.
  • Pain during ejaculation.
  • In addition to blood in semen, the patient may often complain of blood in urine.
  • Lower back pain with tenderness and swelling in the scrotal region is common symptom.
  • Low grade fever with reduced appetite and generalized weakness may also be experienced in some cases.

Natural Treatment For Hematospermia

The treatment of hematospermia depends upon the underlying cause of the condition. The treatment regimen varies, however here are some simple home remedies and natural treatment options for management of blood in semen naturally,

  • Homeopathic drugs like Sepia taken in low dosage help in internal absorption of the blood and prevent it from mixing with the semen. Cantharis is considered to be useful in the treatment of pain and soreness around the groin region.
  • Cranberry juice is very useful in the treatment of inflammation caused due to infection, especially of the urethra and the prostate region.
  • Limit the intake of calcium supplements and instead increase the intake of natural calcium rich foods to treat the presence of calculi or stones in the urethra or the seminal vesicles.
  • Include Vitamin D supplements in your diet to improve the absorption of calcium by the bones and prevents it from depositing at other sites.

While in most cases the symptoms resolve within a month, however persistent presence of blood in semen warrants for further evaluation and follow up treatment.

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