Prostate Disorder Causes | What Causes Prostate Diseases

Causes of Prostate Disorders:

As men age, the more they are at risk for getting a type of prostate disorder. Most of the men suffering from prostate disorders are aged fifty and above. Cases of prostate disorder among younger men are very rare.

If you want to be more aware about prostate disorders, then you should know more about what cause them. With this knowledge, you can take on measures that could help in preventing your getting this kind of illness.

The main reasons behind prostate disorders are closely related to aging and lifestyle. Here are just among the causes of these illnesses:

  • Recurrent exposure to the chill or the cold could be the reason for acute prostatitis.
  • Prolonged sedentary working conditions especially those that require sitting for long period of time can cause prostate disorders. This is because the heightened pressure on the pelvic area can result in the congestion of gland’s tissues.
  • Constipation suffered for long periods of time is also another known cause. When the lower bowels and rectum is overloaded, this causes unnecessary pressure on the prostate gland.
  • Certain body infections are cause of chronic prostatitis.
  • Excessive excitement for sexual activities, which causes continuous irritation on the gland, can also cause prostate disorders.

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