Preventing Prostate Disorders | How to Prevent Prostate Diseases

Prostate Disorders Prevention Measures:

Although home remedies and medical treatment can go a long way in treating prostate disorders, it is still best if preventive measures can be done to avoid them altogether. The following are just some of these measures that you can adapt:

  • Avoiding excessive sexual activities, sitting for long periods of time, irregular drinking and eating habits, and vigorous exercise are among the best preventive measures against prostate disorders.
    Instead, every effort should be done to tone up the body’s general condition.
  • Taking hot and cold hipbaths are of great help when it comes to the reduction of congestion or swelling of the prostate gland, which is an initial symptom of a disorder. Taken alternately, these hipbaths could also relieve pain.
  • Hot and cold applications and warm water enemas are beneficial for preventing prostate disorders to get more serious. An enema taken once every day could clear the accumulated wastes in the lower bowels. Once the bowels have been cleansed thoroughly, the hot and cold applications may be done on the prostate gland and on the areas surrounding it.
    While the heat could bring relief to the tissues, the cold will bring on toning.
  • The application of a wet girdle pack is also a great part of the hydrotherapy for prostate disorders. With this, woolen or thick underwear is needed as well as thin, cotton underpants. The cotton underwear should be immersed in cold water before it is wrung to stop the dripping. The patient should wear this cold and wet underwear under the thick underwear, which should be dry. As a treatment procedure, this should be done for ninety minutes every night.

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