Symptoms and Signs of Psoriasis Skin Disease

Psoriasis Symptoms:

Typically, psoriasis appears during the twenties, and women are more prone to contracting it than men. Affecting millions of people worldwide, this chronic skin illness, however, is also known to occur at just any age.

  • The more common signs of psoriasis include painful itching as well as the formation of small red areas on the skin.
    Skin areas where there the texture is rough and there is scaling are also indicative of psoriasis.
  • The first symptom that people affected with psoriasis usually notices is the terrible itching. After this, the feeling of pain and tenderness of the skin is not that far behind. However, a psoriasis victim could never be sure where the affected skin will be.
  • Although psoriasis can be felt anywhere else in the body, the hands, torso, feet, and extremities are among those that are often affected by this skin condition. However, there are people who have reported getting psoriasis rashes on their scalp and face.
  • Another initial psoriasis symptom is getting areas of redness on the skin.
    This signals the beginning of the rash and will make the skin feel rough and even resembling like cobblestones to the touch. This is also the time when the itching starts, followed by the pain.

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