Diet for Pyorrhea Gum Disease Prevention, Treatment

Pyorrhea Diet:

Taking in the right diet is very beneficial not only for the prevention but also for the treatment of pyorrhea. So if you want to avoid this problem or to treat the one that you are experiencing right now, take care to eat healthy.

Here are some nutrition trips for the treatment and prevention of pyorrhea and other gum problems:

  • If you are suffering from pyorrhea, you should start your proper diet with an all-juice diet for three to five days.
    You can use fresh carrots and orange juice for this one or a combination of spinach and carrot juices.
  • After fasting on juices, you should then embark on an all-fresh-fruit diet, also for three to five days.
  • After this, a well-balanced diet should be consumed. Make sure that you eat foods laden with whole-meal bread, green salads, well-cooked vegetables, milk, cheese, nuts, and fresh fruit.
  • Adding unripe or ripe guava to your diet is also very beneficial. Not only is this a tonic for your teeth, this will also provide vitamin C for your gums.
  • Eating fibrous and hard goods would also be good in exercising your gums and teeth.
  • Avoid sticky and starchy foods, tinned and refined foods, meat and alcohol, as well as strong coffee and tea.

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