Natural Treatments to Get Rid of Pyorrhea Gum Disease


Pyorrhea is a condition that affects the periodontium. The periodontium are simply the gums or the tissues that are supporting and surrounding teeth. This inflammatory disease causes the gums and gum line to either recede or to become inflamed then recede. The end point is the loss of gums.

As the gum line recedes, the teeth will be loosened from their sockets.

Such could lead to movement of the teeth, often separating and forming gaps in between. If not treated, this could also lead to loss of teeth, not just gums.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea

It is important to learn early on if the patient is suffering from pyorrhea so that this can be treated as soon as possible. Early treatment is seen to be the best way to manage the disease and to prevent further loss of gums as well as teeth. Symptoms include the following:

  • Redness of the gums that can be accompanied by swellings that could recur from time to time
  • Bleeding of the gums when brushing, flossing, or biting into hard food items
  • Bad breath
  • Recession of the gum line
  • Gaps between teeth that were not originally there
  • Loose teeth

Pyorrhea Natural Remedies

There are a great number of home remedies for pyorrhea that can be used for any situation.

Although different situations may arise because of this disease, there are still similarities to them that will enable the application of a natural

So here are some of these home remedies that one might like to try for the treatment of pyorrhea:

  • Place some parwal leaves, peepal root, black pepper, ginger, and salt in a bowl of water. Boil this mixture until it is ready and then strain it through the use of a cloth, before allowing it to cool down. Use this as a gargle.
  • After brushing teeth and gums, rub a mixture of mustard oil with a pinch of salt on the gums using the forefinger. An alternative to this would be to soak a cotton ball with mustard oil before rubbing it on the gums.
  • Raw lemon juice is an effective pyorrhea remedy. All one has to do is to rub the juice all over the gums. Although the patient might experience a tingling sensation from this, the bleeding will be stopped.
  • Mix some camphor with a spoonful of pure ghee to make a paste. Apply this paste on the gums twice a day for relief to the tenderness and swelling.

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