Symptoms and Signs of Pyorrhea Gum Disease

Pyorrhea Symptoms:

To know what to look out for in the case of pyorrhea, you also have to be aware of its signs and symptoms. If you are already have the information on what these are, then you would already be cautious and see your dentist as soon as you notice getting them.

Most of the pyorrhea signs are linked to those of gingivitis, and they could be seen mostly on the gums. The gums would appear red or purple in color and would have a glossy surface. Here are some of the other symptoms:

  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Gum bleeding
  • Teeth may become loose
  • Gums will become inflamed
  • Teeth gets more decayed
  • Itchiness similar to that experienced with gingivitis

When gums are already tender because of pyorrhea, you will be able to notice that when press, pus will ooze out from the teeth’s margin. If not treated early on, this pus could lead to more serious conditions because it will travel down to the stomach.

In the case of a more severe pyorrhea, the stomach which will take in increased quantities of pus, will no longer function well. Sepsis may even appear in different forms and affect digestion, the liver, and then later on, the entire bodily system.

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