How to Remove Razor Bump at Home With Natural Remedies

Folliculitis Barbae is an inflammatory skin condition better known as razor bumps. They are very common in shaved areas of the skin.

  • Beards and legs are common places for razor bumps

  • They appear as small red, raised papules

  • They can be painful, but the main concern with razor bumps is how is they look

  • Almost anyone can get Razor bumps, but they are most common among men and women who have thick, coarse, or curly hair.

  • Studies have shown that razor bump reports are more common in men of African descent.

  • Treatment is going to involve patient education regarding the prevention of Folliculitis Barbae


  • The main cause of a razor bump is hair that goes back into the skin after a shave

  • This can lead to irritation and infections forming the red raised bumps on the skin

Risk Factors for Developing Razor Bumps Include:

  • Gender

    • Males are prone to razor bumps on the face because of beard shaving

    • Females are more prone to razor bumps on the legs, also because of shaving

  • Hair Type

    • Certain hair types can make razor bumps more common, they include:

      • Coarse hair

      • Curly Hair

Some shaving techniques can also lead to razor bumps. Techniques to be avoided include:

  • Shaving too fast

  • Shaving with the wrong razor

  • Shaving with a blunt razor

  • Shaving with dry skin

  • Shaving against the grain of the hair

  • Shaving with a dirty razor

  • Not using aftershave

Razor Bumps Remedy

The following treatments can be used to deal with razor bumps.

  • Tea Tree Oil – has antimicrobial properties that help with the infection

  • Mild Exfoliant that contains Salicylic Acid – Salicylic Acid also has antimicrobial properties

  • Antibacteria/Antifungal soaps and washes

  • Aloe Vera – helps to relieve the symptoms

  • Topical hydrocortisone cream – helps to address the inflammation

When razor bumps, it is also important to:

  • Give the skin rest from shaving for a week or a couple of days

  • Avoid irritating the skin any further


Aside from treating razor bumps, it is also very important to know how to know how to prevent them, some preventive methods include:

  • Use appropriate shaving techniques

  • Avoid multi-blade shavers

  • Use clean shavers, disinfect before and after use

  • Using a straight razor instead of multi-blade shavers

  • Using an electric shaver instead of a regular one

  • Moisturize the skin before shaving, use shaving creams or shave after a shower.

  • Don’t shave dry skin

  • Use aftershave – has antimicrobial properties that can help prevent bumps

  • Use Depilatories – common used for shaving legs or armpits, these are chemical solutions or creams that remove hair from the skin without shaving.

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