What Causes Red Blotches on Arms and Its Home Remedies for Treatment

There are a number of causes for red blotches on arms. It could be an allergic reaction or it could be due to a genetic condition. Proper diagnosis is important to treatment.

What Causes Red Blotches on Arms

  • Irritation
    • Contact dermatitis can be a cause of red blotches on arms
    • These are very itchy and the can feel warm to the touch
    • They often occur after contact with an irritant (i.
      e. itchy fabric, poison ivy)
  • Allergies
    • Food allergies can lead to problems with skin rashes
    • These topical symptoms can go away on their own
    • They can also be treated with the right medication
    • Avoiding triggers is also important to prevent the red blotches
    • They usually occur minutes or hours after coming in contact with an allergen
  • Genetic
    • There are a number of genetic conditions that can lead to red blotches
    • Keratosis Pilaris is one of the most common causes
    • It is a follicular issue that is characterized by the presence of raised and rough bumps on the skin
    • They are common on the upper arms, but they can also be present in the lower legs, back, chest, buttocks, and any other part of the body aside from the palms and soles
    • This is a harmless condition but it can cause problems with self-esteem
    • It is a very common condition and affects around 40% of the population worldwide
    • It results from the excess production of keratin
    • Most of the bumps on the skin are going to contain coiled up hair follicles
    • The condition has been shown to improve with age and will go away at around age 30

Home Remedies and Treatment

  • When the red blotches are caused by irritation or allergies, it is important to keep away from the allergen.
  • It is also necessary to seek medical help in the case of allergies because it can lead to something more severe.

In the case Keratosis Pilaris, it can be addressed with a number of home remedies. They include:

  • Exfoliation – this helps to smooth out the skin and helps to get rid of the old skin cells that may be causing the skin roughness.
    It could be gentle daily exfoliation or it could be an intense periodic exfoliating session.
  • Moisturizers – this also helps to smooth the skin and hydrate it at the same time
  • Avoid Too Much and Too Little Washing – Washing too often can cause dryness and washing too little can cause problems with oiliness.
  • There are also certain medications that can be used to treat the condition

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