Causes of Respiratory Diseases | Reasons of Respiratory Ailments

Respiratory Diseases Causes:

Although there is broad range of respiratory diseases, their causes, which are also large in number, have similarities. Among the most common causes are accidents, inhalation of toxic materials and harmful lifestyle habits like incessant smoking.

Genetic factors, infections as well as anything else that are known to affect the development of the lungs are also believed to indirectly or directly cause the symptoms of respiratory disorders.

Below are the three primary groups of factors that are generally responsible for the development of diseases including those that involve the respiratory system. Children, especially, always fall victim to these factors.

Here are the primary groupings:

  • A person’s genetic background. This basically means the genes he has inherited from his ancestors and his parents.
  • A person’s lifestyle or living conditions. This includes housing, income, and nutrition but is also dependent on the age. Most of the living conditions of a person can also greatly influence the likelihood of a person’s responding to the factors of his environment.
  • A person’s exposure to environmental factors. This includes all types of substances that can be found in the soil, water, air, and consumer products.
    Other circumstances like damp housing and weather conditions are also part of this grouping.

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