Diet for Respiratory Disease Treatment | Foods to Avoid Respiratory Ailments

Respiratory Diseases Diet:

A diet that is well balanced and healthy can bring about the considerable improvement to the health of the respiratory system. This is because breathing, like any other bodily function, needs fuel that it can get from healthy food.

Here are just a number of diet tips that could aid in improving the overall health of the respiratory system:

  • Eat foods rich in good quality proteins. These include seafood, lean meat, skinless chicken or turkey, fish, sprouts, soy, egg whites and low-fat dairy products. This will help greatly in maintaining the strength of the muscles even with the lack of exercise.
  • Focus on a diet that is laden with cereals, whole grains and its products, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. Along with this, you have to stay away from refined and sugary foods.
  • Avoid foods that have been doused with food additives like sulphites, monosodium glutamate, and tartrazine because they are known to be major risk factors for a number of respiratory disorders.
  • The quantity of fats in your diet should be decreased. Only minimal amounts of saturated fats, omega 6 fatty acids, and trans fats should be taken.
  • Limit your intake of salt to a maximum of 6 grams per day. This is because too much salt in the body could heighten the volume of the circulating blood, which can lessen the function of the lungs much further.

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