Diet, Nutrition for Rheumatism Treatment | Foods to Prevent Rheumatism

There are a lot of advantages if you will fight against rheumatism not only with home remedies and medical treatment but also with preventive measures. One of this is you will be aware on which areas to work on in your life like your diet.

  • You need to know that taking in good nutrition will work wonders in treating the illness as well as making sure that it does not come back.
    Start this off with a short fast only water and orange juice for three to four days.
  • After this fasting regimen, breakfasts of grapefruit or orange could be done followed by a lunch of raw salad made from seasonal veggies with figs, raisins, dates or prunes. Dinner could contain a steamed vegetable or two.  You can do this for fourteen days followed by the gradual adoption of a well-balanced diet made up of grains, vegetables, nuts, seeds and fruits.
  • People suffering from chronic rheumatism could go on an all-fruit diet for four to five days. After this, the gradual transition to a well-balanced nutrition could be done through taking in great amounts of buttermilk, fresh vegetables, and ripe fruits.
  • All types of fish and meat should be avoided at all cost. You should also stay away from refined cereals, sugar, and white bread as well as coffee and tea.
    Highly seasoned and rich foods that are hard to digest are no-no’s as well.

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