Rheumatism Disorder Natural Treatments | Cure Rheumatism Problem

Rheumatism Natural Remedies:

There are number of home remedies for rheumatism that you can use, which are very effective in providing relief and treatment for the illness. Here are some of them:

  • A teaspoon or two of raw potato juice taken before meals is a great remedy for rheumatism. To be taken before meals, this juice is made through pressing together some raw mashed potatoes.
    This is good for rheumatism relief and for flushing out toxins.
  • Another effective rheumatism remedy that you can get right at home is celery extract. Five to ten drops of the fluid derived from celery seeds taken in hot water right before meal times could provide tonic to the stomach.
  • Juice from bitter gourd is also effective for the relief of rheumatism especially if taken continually for three months. Take a cup of this juice with a teaspoon of honey everyday to get better with the condition.
  • Eating walnuts is actually very good for rheumatism. Half a dozen eaten daily would be very beneficial. However, they should be chewed properly and slowly for the best results to be achieved.
  • Juice from two to three lemons taken daily also brings desirable results to the treatment of rheumatism.

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