How to Prevent and Get Rid of Recurring Itchy Ringworm

Recurring ringworm can bring undue discomfort and embarrassment at the same time. People suffering from it must bear the symptoms that are a great source of inconvenience.

Recurring Ringworm Causes

  • The same treatment used for the past ringworm episodes can be the cause of the recurrence. The person may have developed sensitivity to the anti-fungal medication due to repeated use that the conditions remain the same.
  • When the ringworm infection has gone deeply into the skin, chances are, the medication is no longer appropriate for the treatment. A stronger variant may be required.
  • Pets can be ringworm carriers unknowingly. Continued contact with the infected pet will encourage the fungus to thrive in the human’s skin.
  • A weak immune system does not respond positively to courses of treatment. It can also be due to intake of several antibiotics that may have weakened the person. When immunity is compromised, resistance to infection and diseases is futile.

How To Get Rid Of Recurring Ringworm

  • Reevaluate the course of treatment with a doctor. It could be that the administration of medications is not performed consistently, thus running the risk of recurring cases.
  • If the family pet is suspected of carrying the ringworm fungus, then take it to the vet to have it checked. Not only can dogs be the source of transmission, but goats, ferrets and horses as well.
  • Sharing living quarters with other people can also push the possibility that the fungus is present in others staying in the same place. Clean all towels and linens at the onset of ringworm conditions.
  • The damp areas of the fitness center are places in which the virus may thrive. Take extra precaution by not walking barefoot around the area.
  • On some occasion, the itching and swelling may be associated with eczema. Check with the doctor so that he can prescribe the proper medication.
  • Home remedies like mustard seed powder can be applied to the affected area. Make a thick paste, and then leave it on the skin for half an hour. Rinse off with cold water.
  • Extract the juice from basil leaves and use it as an ointment.
  • Turmeric juice can be taken with a teaspoon of honey for relief.

Ringworm Prevention

  • Minimize direct contact with a person that has ringworm infection.
  • Advise children not to share his eating utensils or lunch box to other children.
  • After handling pets, take the safety precaution of washing hands thoroughly thereafter.

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