Rumbling Stomach Noises: Causes, Remedies For Stomach Growling

Rumbling noises in the stomach are a common experience. Often it is a cause of embarrassment when stomach noises are loud and clear especially when people are around. This melodious stomach symphony in medical parlance is called ‘Borborygmi’.

Actually growling or rumbling sound is produced when the tiny food particles, gas and fluid move inside the stomach and intestine.

The muscles of stomach and intestine contract and relax to move the fluid, food and gasses ahead in the digestive tract. The process is called peristalsis. With each peristaltic movement, you can hear rumbling and gurgling noise. In fact it is a natural sound, except it becomes an annoying factor when loud.

Rumbling noises are more audible on an empty stomach, as food present in stomach usually makes the sound dull. Sometimes belching, flatulence and bloating accompany borborygmi. In most cases stomach growling is not a cause of worry as it is usually caused due to hunger. But there are other digestive diseases which may also produce these sounds.

For this reason, when loud rumbling noises in stomach are regular feature or if they accompanying symptoms like pain, bloating, belching etc, it is necessary to consult a physician. Let us know the reason for noisy stomach.

What Causes The Stomach Growling Noise?

Non medical causes:

  • Hunger: it is the commonest cause of growling in the stomach. When you feel hungry, the message is sent to brain. Brain sends back the message to the stomach muscles to contract and release enzymes and fluids as a preparation for digestion of food.
  • Noises can also arise when you have just eaten the food and process of digestion has begun.
  • The passage of food from the stomach into the small intestine and from small intestine into the large intestine causes rumbling noise.
  • It also depends on the amount of gas and fluid present in the gastric tract.
  • Eating excessive starchy food or high fiber food may also cause rumbling in stomach.
  • Drinking carbonated colas and liquids.
  • Swallowing excess amount of air while eating, smoking, and chewing gum.

Medical causes:

  • Intolerance to certain foods such as milk, or beans etc can produce excess of gas and rumbling noise in the abdomen.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome can lead to noisy stomach. However, with growling the patient also complains of cramps, flatulence, bloating and diarrhea. Besides it is chronic in nature.
  • An acute diarrhea caused due to infection or indigestion causes loud rumbling noise in stomach. This is because of fast peristalsis and presence of gases and fluids. Pain in stomach and other symptoms are also present.
  • Amoebic colitis as a result of parasitic infection causes excessive rumbling. It is associated with frequent sticky loose stools, abdominal cramps, etc.
  • Sometimes, stress is associated with excess rumbling noise in stomach.

Home Remedies For Rumbling Stomach Noises

If you are feeling embarrassed from the noisy stomach, and you want to stop it abruptly, here are some of the ways that you can follow.

  • Munch upon some crackers or biscuits.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Ginger ale is an effective and instant home remedy to reduce the noises in the stomach, if the reason is excess gas accumulation. It helps to belch out the gas or pass as flatus.
  • Drink enough water when the cause is diarrhea.
  • When excess acid formation is the cause, stomach acid inhibitors are useful.
  • Never eat your food in haste and chew the food properly. Avoid drinking water in between while you are eating. Talk less while eating as you can swallow lot of air.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Talk to your doctor when the cause is irritable bowel syndrome.

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