How to Prevent Scurvy Disease | Preventing Scurvy Problem

Scurvy Prevention Measures:

  • Because scurvy is a dietary deficiency, it is expected that it proper nutrition could help alleviate it. As such, maintaining a well-balanced diet everyday is an important part not only in treating the condition but also in preventing yourself from getting it.
  • The kind of diet that you must have for the prevention of scurvy should be one that is rich in particular citrus fruits like lemons and oranges.
    Other great sources of vitamin C are guava, tomatoes, kiwifruit, blackcurrants, papaya, and strawberries.
  • Making sure that vegetables rich in vitamin C should be included in your diet is also another way of the preventing yourself from getting scurvy. Among these vegetables are potatoes, carrots, spinach, bell peppers, paprika and broccoli.
  • Pickled vegetables are also great sources of vitamin C while there are also animal products that have Vitamin C content and among these are oysters and liver. Aside from these, there are even candies and other food products that contain this essential nutrient.
  • Aside from a vitamin-C-laden diet, there are also other preventive measures that you can do and one of these is doing some outdoor exercises like cycling, swimming and walking. Spending time breathing in fresh air and sleeping in a well-ventilated room also help.

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