Common Known Aphrodisiac Foods for Men and Women

Aphrodisiac Foods for Women

Below are some of the tried and tested female aphrodisiacs used by people over the past years:

  • Chocolate – this is one of the favorite aphrodisiacs of women. It is also a fact that chocolates contain chemicals which affect the neurotransmitters of the brain that is related to sexual desire.
  • Honey – this has been used since the time of Egyptian empires. This is said to be the reason for the word “Honeymoon.”
  • Bananas – aside from having a phallic symbol, this fruit contains Vitamin B and potassium that is needed for the production of sexual hormones.
  • Strawberries – known as one of the top erotic fruits in the world, it is said to symbolize the nipple and has high dosages of Vitamin c.
  • Almonds – this is known as one of the oldest fertility food as well as sexual stimulant. It is said to inspire passion in females as well as increase arousal.

These are just some of the common known aphrodisiac foods for women. Putting these foods to use may require a little bit of mixture to create recipes that would set the mood and increase sensuality.

Aphrodisiac Foods for Men

It is a fact that men also find time to look for foods that would boost sexual desires or drive. Like women, men can also have their fill of aphrodisiacs such as the following:

  • Aniseed – this is thought to have special sexual powers including an increase in the person’s libido when he or she sucks on the seeds.
  • Chili peppers – aside from the fact that males love peppers because of the spicy zing that they have, chili peppers also produce capsaicin which stimulates the nerve endings of a person and raises the pulse. Some researchers believe all hot foods can work as aphrodisiacs.
  • Arugula – this is also known as rocket seed, and has been noted as an aphrodisiac food since sometime during the first century A.D.
  • Ginger – this spice is often mixed in various recipes, but apart from the fact that it adds flavor to food, it also stimulates the circulatory system, enabling an increase in the sexual prowess of a person.
  • Raw oysters – this comes as no surprise as it is a known fact that it is one of the top aphrodisiac since the time of Ancient Greece. Oysters are rather rich sources of zinc, which is required for the production of testosterone.

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