Symptoms of Sexual Impotency | Signs of Sexual Impotence

Sexual Impotence Symptoms:

If you want to know more about sexual impotence, then learning about its common symptoms is another way of educating yourself. Once you have gleaned enough information about this disorder, you would already know what to do in case it happens to you.

  • Now, impotence is known to be a very common disorder among men, and this is usually characterized by the regular failure to get an erection and to maintain it enough to complete sexual intercourse. With it also comes the inability to reach release or ejaculation.
  • There are varying degrees to sexual impotence, and these involve the complete inability to achieve an erection or an ejaculation or an inconsistency in achieving any of the two or both. The tendency to sustain only short periods of erections is also a sign.
  • The risk of becoming a sexual impotent heightens as you get older. In fact, the risk is four times higher in men who are already in their sixties compared with those in their forties, as based in the 2000 edition of the Journal of Urology.
  • Men who are less educated are also more prone in experiencing sexual impotence because of their tendency to take in unhealthy diets, to live in less healthy lifestyles, to imbibe in more alcohol, and to exercise less.

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