Causes of Brown Spots All Over Body and Naturally Remove Brown Spots

Often you come across people having brown spots all over body or in particular skin area; these spots are due to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Although makeup helps to shield the spots, it is necessary to find the root cause why you get those brown spots all over the body. There are many other names for brown spots such as age spots, sun spots, lentigines, and liver spots.

Brown spots on the skin are not only a social embarrassment for a person, but it can also disturb the emotional well being of a person.

Melanin is the pigment which is responsible for skin color. A person who has dark skin tone will have excessive melanin pigments in his skin as compared to a person who has fair skin. In hyperpigmentation there is concentration of melanin pigments in the skin or on that particular part of the skin. Any skin injury can cause hyperpigmentation and turn the skin dark, as it happens in acne and pimples. The other leading cause for brown spots is prolonged exposure to sunlight. The body produces more pigments when it exposed to sunlight for a longer period, this is because melanin helps to prevent the skin from the harmful effect of the ultraviolet rays.

Various other causes for brown spots are:

  • Prolonged exposure to sunlight. Sunburn,
  • Skin injury.
  • Hormonal changes as in case of melasma.
  • Women taking birth control pills.
  • Pregnancy.
  • Menopause
  • Use of harsh chemicals and cosmetics.
  • Liver and kidney diseases.
  • Stress.
  • Neglecting proper skin care.
  • Smoking, pollution and unhealthy food habits.
  • Ageing and heredity.

Natural Ways to Remove and Prevent Brown Spots

  • Use sunscreen lotions whenever you go out in the sun to prevent brown spots. Apply the lotion 30 minutes before you go out in the sun so that the lotion gets well absorbed in your body. ¬†Use lip balm to protect the lips from sunlight.
  • Do not use harsh cosmetics that ruin the radiant skin.
  • To protect the delicate skin of your face, wear a sun hat or take an umbrella whenever you go out in the sun.
  • Protect your hands and arms from direct sunlight by wearing full sleeves shirts.
  • Pamper your skin and moisturize it when you come back from the beach so that even minor damage to the skin by exposure to sunlight can be taken care of.
  • Prepare an infusion of chopped parsley. Add two teaspoon of lime juice. Lime juice is a natural bleaching agent and will help to fade the brown spots. Now dab the spotted area with the mixture regularly.
  • Another nourishing skin pack is prepared by making a puree of avocado, carrot and cucumber. Apply it on your face or on the skin having brown spots till it dries. Now rinse the paste with cool water. Avocado is rich in fat oils which nourishes the skin, while carrots and cucumber contains necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy skin condition.
  • When your skin is dry, prepare a puree of banana and milk. Apply it on the skin; banana and milk contain many ingredients which keeps the skin healthy. Milk is considered as natural whitening agents for brown spots.

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