Remedies For Fiberglass On Skin: Fiberglass Skin Irritation

Fiberglass is a versatile material used for building and insulating purposes. The main ingredient in fiberglass is real glass, and microscopic bits of glass powder. It is used in home insulation, electronic circuit boards and other commercial purposes.

People working with fiberglass products have to be very careful while handling it, because fiberglass once stuck on your skin is very hard to remove.

The tiny dust particles of fiberglass can embed in the skin pores. It may cause several unwanted skin symptoms.

How To Get Rid Of Fiberglass On Skin?

If you know that you are going to handle fiberglass take preventive measures such as dusting your body with talcum powder. It will block the skin pores and prevent it from penetrating in the skin.

Getting rid of fiberglass on skin is no worry, as there are number of simple home care methods available. Some of which are mentioned below.

  • To wash away the fiberglass from your upper layer of skin, take a cold shower bath for two to three minute. The skin pores will close due to cold water and prevent the fiber glass from entering deep in the skin.
    Now take warm water shower for two minutes. This will open the pores and help the fiberglass to eject out of your skin. Even the sweat released due to warm water will help to wash away the fiberglass.
  • Another trick of removing fiberglass is to use Epsom salt. Take a cup of Epsom salt. Add it in a bowl of boiling water, let the salt completely dissolve. Now pour the mixture in warm bath. Dip the affected area in the Epsom bath for half hour. After removing it, rinse the skin with cold water. The left over fiberglass will be washed from the skin.

Fiberglass On Skin Remedy

  • In the third procedure, you have to use nylon stockings or any nylon material. Take a warm bath, this will open your skin pores. Now scrape the nylon material on the affected skin area gently. It will pull out the tiny bits of fiberglass out from your skin.
  • To remove the remaining minor amount of particles if left after taking bath you can apply baby oil or a thick lotion on the area affected.
  • Separately wash your clothes, so that it does not get transferred to other clean clothes.

Fiberglass Skin Irritation

Avoid touching your eyes when you are working with fiberglass. Wearing safety glasses, masks, and gloves is necessary when you are installing fiberglass.

Fiberglass when stuck to your skin can irritate it. Some people can suffer from fiberglass contact dermatitis symptoms due to formaldehyde used in it as a binding agent. The symptoms include skin rash, itching, along the area that has come into contact with fiberglass. In severe cases there might be blisters n your skin. This requires immediate medical attention.

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