What Is Fox Fordyce Disease? Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies

Fox- Fordyce disease is a rare skin condition which is characterized by appearance of bumps around hair follicles in the underarms, around the nipples and the pubic region. This condition is associated with inflammation of sweat glands found in these regions.

This condition is also referred to as the sweat retention disease or apocrine occlusion disease.

This condition usually affects females between the age group of 13-35 years, but may also affect males and children.

Fox Fordyce disease is associated with acute inflammation of the apocrine sweat glands located in the pubic region, around the nipples and the underarms.

This rare skin disease can be diagnosed based on physical examination and can be treated promptly with certain home remedies. This article provides relevant information about the symptoms and treatment of this rare skin disorder.

Some of the common causes for the development of this disease condition include,

  • Emotional disturbances or stress.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Change in the components of sweat.

Fox Fordyce Disease Symptoms

The most characteristic symptom of this condition is severe itching which can disturb sleep, however in some cases the condition may not be associated with any symptoms.

The symptoms are aggravated in hot and humid weather, due to stress or due to friction with clothing. Some of the common signs and symptoms associated with this condition include,

  • Elevated flesh colored papules which affects all the hair follicles within a affected area.
  • Dryness and darkening of the skin as a result of excessive scratching.
  • Absence or reduced sweating in the area affected.

Reports have suggested that these symptoms may persist for several years and may occasionally clear out during pregnancy or after menopause.

Fox Fordyce Disease Diagnosis

This condition develops due to damage to the apocrine sweat glands which leak and become inflamed. This results in severe itching and the sweat tends to get trapped due to plugs formed along the outlet of the glands. The diagnosis of this condition is usually based on clinical examination.

Home Remedies For Fox-Fordyce Disease

Unfortunately there is no cure for the disease and treatment options usually include the use of tropical steroids or oral antibiotics to contain inflammation and infection. However there are certain home remedies which may be tried in addition to conventional treatment,

  • Mix turmeric powder with aloe vera gel and apply it around the affected region. Aloe Vera soothes the skin which turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Local application of vitamin A and E lotions is also considered to be useful. This helps in repair of the apocrine ducts and may prevent aggravation of the symptoms.
  • Homeopathic drugs namely sulphur and graphitis are also considered valuable in the management of this condition. Consuming these medicines in low potency can help in alleviating the symptoms including itching and thickening of the skin.

In severe cases anti-androgenic hormonal therapy may also be recommended to alleviate the symptoms.

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