Natural Remedies for Skin Tag Removal at Home

Skin tags, clinically referred to as acrochordons, are skin overgrowths which tend to hang from the body. These overgrowths are benign in nature and are found on the neck, armpits, groin folds or buttocks. Most often skin tags are formed due to friction and constant rubbing of skin; however they can also be caused due to some types of skin infections.

Skin tags are harmless but have severe cosmetic implications and hence their removal is often warranted

Skin Tag Removal Home Remedy

The cost of surgical removal of skin tag is high and hence home remedies for removal of skin tag are often used.

  • Skin tags can be simply cut off by tying the tag tightly at the stalk and then cutting them off with a scissor. It is important that the scissor be sterilized with the help of alcohol. After cutting the staff off make sure you apply antiseptic ointment to prevent any form of infection. This technique however is risky and should be used only for skin tags that are small in size
  • Alternatively one can use a dental floss or a thread to tie the stalk of the skin tag for a few days.
    Tying the stalk tightly will cut off blood supply to the tag and will result in naturally falling off of the tag within a few days.

Skin Tag Causes

Skin tags are observed more frequently in middle aged or older individuals and the most common cause is rubbing, irritation or friction of the skin. There are other risk factors to skin tag,

  • Obesity has been found to be associated with skin tags
  • Diabetes and insulin resistance has also been observed to have a close association with skin tags
  • Pregnant women are more likely to suffer from skin tags
  • Infection of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is often found to be associated with skin tag.
  • Hormonal and endocrinal disturbances may result in skin tag formation

Skin Tag Treatment at Home

Here are a few simple home treatments for the removal of skin tag,

  • Local application of apple cider vinegar is considered beneficial in removal of skin tags
  • Local application of tea tree oil on the affect skin patch for about three to four times in a day can produce beneficial results. Clean the area and massage it with tea tree oil
  • A mixture of castor oil and baking soda is considered to be beneficial in removal of skin tag. Apply the mixture twice daily to see beneficial results within a couple of weeks

Homeopathic remedy Thuja taken in low dosage repeated about six times daily can cause the skin tag to dry and fall off.

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