Blemish Removal Natural Home Remedies | What Causes Skin Blemishes

Skin blemishes are the ugly marks on the skin which most of the people do not appreciate.  They are hyper pigmented dark areas on the skin. The reason for blemishes can be different for each individual. In some, blemishes are present since birth, while in others it can be due to change in climate, hormonal and dietary factors.

Fine lines, pigmentation, raised bumps, raw patches; all come under skin blemishes.

What Causes Skin Blemishes?

One of the common causes for skin blemish is acne, picking and squeezing with superadded bacterial infection will result in acne scarring. Hormonal changes especially in women during menstrual age can cause butterfly pigmentation on the face and on the nose, this is caused due to hormonal changes, medically it is known as cloasma. Dark brown skin pigmentation due to excessive exposure of sunlight can result in blemishes. Those who have oily skin are frequently known to suffer from skin blemishes.

Blemish Removal Home Remedies

  • The first principle to follow for treating any skin conditions is to take proper skin care. The same is true with blemishes.
    Soak a cotton ball in cold milk and clean your face once in the morning when you get up and later at night before sleeping. It helps to remove the dirt from the clogged skin pores.
  • Apply lemon juice twice in a day on your face to prevent facial skin blemishes. It is a natural anti septic and a bleaching agent. It can lighten the skin blemishes.
  • Papaya contains anti oxidants such as vitamin A, and C. Applying pulp of green papaya helps to moisturize the skin. The pulp of the papaya is used as an acne blemish removal remedy. Rubbing the pulp of raw papaya helps to remove the dead skin. An anti blemish cream is prepared by mixing milk and pulp of ripe papaya.
  • Mix 2 teaspoon of yogurt, a pinch of turmeric powder, 2 tablespoon of gram flour and apply it on the face, 15 minutes before you bathe. Wash it with water while you take bath follow it daily for a month. It helps to glow your skin and fade the skin blemishes.

Natural Skin Blemish Removal

  • A pack made from tomato juice, oatmeal and yogurt is also useful to fade the blemishes if applied regularly.
  • Almond oil massage in a circular clock wise direction for ten minutes tone the skin and removes the fine line of the skin.
  • Make an orange scrub from powdering dried orange peels and curd. Add little honey and apply it on the face twice in a week. ¬†Wash it with plain water. It helps to remove acne scar blemish and also lightens the skin color.
  • Follow healthy diet to prevent skin blemishes, include fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, they help to rejuvenate your skin and make the skin healthy from inside. Also drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

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