Causes of Skin Diseases | Reasons for Skin Ailments | Causes of Skin Condition

Skin Disease Causes:

  • General or systemic toxemia is the main cause for almost all skin disease expect for those that are termed as parasitic diseases. Usually these conditions are coupled with constipation or alternate diarrhea and constipation for some cases.
  • The bowel movement is usually indicative of skin diseases because the blood stream is made to absorb a lot of foul elements that need an outlet, and the one it has found is the skin.
    This results in breakouts like pimples or eczema.
  • Particular uterine problems and irregular menstruation as well as chlorosis or greensickness are also among the known causes of skin disorders. These are compounded with the lack of adequate cleanliness, especially in an environment that is dirty and dusty.
  • There are also other causes that are demonstrated and these are the constitutional and digestive disturbances. These include the excessive consumption of sweet, rich, heavy, and fatty foods that often result in the new outbreaks of blemishes.
  • There are also instances when drugs are known to be the potent causes of skin diseases and some headache medicines can be included in these. Soaps that are found out to be irritants are also included here.

So if you have a skin problem, there are a number of culprits that you can point a finger to.

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