Symptoms of Skin Tag on Anus and Treatments to Get Rid of It

An anal skin tag is not something to be alarmed about. These are merely excess skin growths that can be treated and the tags can be removed in no time at all. Not all people develop skin tags but some are more prone to developing them. Knowing what skin tags are and how they occur can help relieve any unnecessary worrying about these growths.

Skin Tag on Anus

  • Also known as acrochordon.

  • A skin tag can occur anywhere in the body including the neck, armpits, eyelids, and even the anus.

  • These are quite common and are usually benign skin growths.

  • Skin tags should not be confused for a hemorrhoid, though an untreated external hemorrhoid can give rise to the growth of a skin tag.

  • An anal skin tag simply refers to an excess of skin growth on the anal region.

  • Anal skin tags usually develop in sites where there has been previous injury where bits of extra skin are present.

  • The tags are usually the same color or slightly darker than the skin surrounding it.

  • It may even be joined to the anus or can grow very close to it.

  • Both men and women are prone to developing skin tags.

  • Obesity and overweight men and women have a higher risk of developing skin tags.

Skin Tag on Anus Symptoms

Skin tags or the growth of skin tags are asymptomatic. In fact, these growths are harmless. Symptoms can occur due to irritation of the skin growths due to various factors.

  • Itching

  • Irritation/infection

  • Pain (especially upon friction or when rubbing)

  • Pain on defecation

Skin Tag on Anus Treatment: How to Get Rid of It

There are various treatment options available for getting rid of anal skin tags.

  • Ligation – the blood flow to the skin tag is suppressed with the use of a string tied to the base of the tag. The tag is cut off painlessly and the stem is cauterized.

  • Laser surgery – uses laser to remove skin tags quickly. Any roughness on the skin is also eliminated. Laser surgery gives better cosmetic results.

  • Freezing – cryotherapy or freezing the skin tag to help remove it is also another technique used.

Post-Treatment Care of the Affected Area

To help prevent infection or regrowth:

  • The anal area should be cleaned well.

  • Washing after bowel movement is important.

  • Any irritation or discomfort affecting the treated area should be reported to the doctor.

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