What are the Treatment and Prevention for Yellow Spots on Skin

Yellow Spots on Skin

Yellow or yellow to brownish spots on the skin are termed as liver spots. These can also appear as black or brown spots. The main cause of the condition is prolonged, unprotected sun exposure and other ultraviolet light sources. Aging has also been proven to cause the condition along with genetics.

Liver spots are also known as solar lentigines or age spots and are considered as harmless blotches of pigmentation. These spots range in size and usually appear on hands, arms, shoulders, and face or in areas that are most commonly exposed to the sun. Patients above forty years of age have high risks of developing these spots even when they are not often exposed to the sun since the condition can develop without any known cause.

In the past, these yellow to brownish spots have been thought to be caused by liver malfunction, primarily due to its yellow attributes. This is primarily the reason why these are presently called liver spots. Now however, the spots can vary from black, gray, or brown.

Treatment and Prevention of Yellow Blotches on Skin

  • Application of topical bleaching creams along with mild steroids can help in erasing the spots slowly within months.

    Over-the-counter fading creams that have kojic and glycolic acid as ingredients can also help.

  • Dermabrasion. This treatment involves the use of a rotating brush that works by scraping off the topmost layer of the skin leading to the development of a new layer of skin.

  • Chemical peels. Light to medium strength procedures can help in slowly erasing yellow spots or blotches. Treatments in multiple successions are needed before results can be observed. The process includes the use of a certain acid that burns off the surface layer of the skin promoting growth of new dermal cells, just like dermabrasion.

  • Cryotherapy, a procedure that involves freezing using liquefied nitrogen or other gas, helps in erasing additional pigmentation on the skin. There is also a small chance of observing discoloration and permanent scarring when using this procedure.

  • Laser treatment can also be used for treating yellow spots and blotches. It works by destroying the excess cells in the layer of the skin where extra melanin is produced. This works within the damaged the surface of the skin and commonly requires several treatment sessions. Results can be observed within a number of weeks or months and side effects are very minimal.

  • Preventive measures include avoiding tanning beds, application of sunscreen, and wearing protective clothing like wide-brimmed hats during sunny days.

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