Symptoms of Sore Throat Infection | Signs of Infectious Sore Throat

Sore Throat Ailment Symptoms:

People who experience sore throats can easily identify how it feels to have a sore throat simply because of the irritation that they feel in their throat and the raw feeling that they get from this problem. Other symptoms may depend on what type of ailment is causing the throat to become sore and here are some of these other symptoms:

  • When you have tonsillitis, you can expect your tonsils to be inflamed.
    Other symptoms that accompany this problem include a fever, chills, difficulty swallowing, and a raspy or hoarse voice. Sometimes pus may be present on your tonsils.
  • For those who suffer from a sore throat due to laryngitis, you can expect a hoarseness of your voice present, some difficulty breathing and swallowing, and the rawness of your throat.
  • When a person has a sore throat due to the flu or a cold, some of the symptoms that accompany this problem include a runny nose, clogged nasal passages, coughing, difficulty breathing, red teary eyes, a fever, and even swollen lymph nodes. Painful muscles and joints may also accompany this problem if the source of your sore throat is the flu.
  • When your sore throat is caused by bacteria or viruses, fevers, headaches, and even nausea can also be present.

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