Throat Tightness Symptoms: What Are Its Causes And Home Remedies?

Tightness of the throat is a symptom which is associated with a variety of health conditions and at times can be very distressing. While the treatment for management of throat tightness depends upon the cause, there are some simple home remedies and techniques that can help relive tightness of throat. This article provides relevant information about throat tightness, its causes and home remedies to treat the condition.

While sensation of tightness in the throat may be attributed to a variety of causes, most of the causes are not very serious. However if the symptoms of throat tightness are not relieved by home remedies, it is recommended to visit your physician to get yourself thoroughly evaluated.

Tightness of throat is associated with sensation of discomfort and pain in the throat. While the discomfort and pain may vary depending upon the severity of the inflammation, there are certain other symptoms that are associated with tightness of the throat,

  • Throat tightness may be associated with hoarseness of voice which may impact the voice tone. Tightness in throat may also be accompanied with pain in the throat.
  • In addition to local symptoms, a host of other systemic symptoms may be observed which include headache, muscle pain, fatigue, weakness and fever. These symptoms are observed only if the condition is associated with a bacterial or viral infection.
  • Swollen lymph nodes, bad breath from the mouth and pain while swallowing are some of the other symptoms that may accompany tightness of throat sensation.

What Causes Tightness In Throat?

Here are some of the common causes that are associated with tightness of throat,

  • Streptococcal infection is one of the most common causes of tightness in the throat.
  • Excessive talking or screaming can also result in pain and tightness in the throat.
  • Food allergies, especially allergies to fruits are also associated with severe sensation of tightness in the throat.
  • Individuals suffering from asthma may also complain of tightness of throat prior to an asthma attack.
  • Some experts suggest that tightness of throat may be associated with vitamin and mineral deficiency.
  • In some cases, acute myocardial infarction may be associated with referred pain to the jaw and tightness in the throat.

Home Remedies For Throat Tightness

Here are some simple tips that are useful in the management of tightness of throat,

  • Salt water gargling will help reduce inflammation and irritation in the throat and relive the sensation of throat tightness. Ensure that you keep yourself well hydrated.
  • Consume fresh fruit juices and vegetable soup. These foods are loaded with vital nutrients, vitamins and carbohydrates which help in quick recovery. Avoid oily and spicy foods as these foods can further trigger irritation in the throat.
  • Deep breathing exercises can be very helpful in the management of throat tightness, especially when it is associated with autoimmune conditions like asthma.
  • One teaspoon of honey with freshly squeezed lemon juice can help in reducing discomfort in the throat and also helps in management of throat infections.

If the use of simple home remedies doesn’t provide relief, it is recommended that you consult your physician immediately. While in most causes the causes of dryness of throat are not very serious, it is important to get yourself evaluated.

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