Causes Of Soreness In Thighs: Natural Ways To Get Rid Of It

The thighs have 3 large groups of muscles. Anteriorly are the quadriceps, muscles which help extend and straighten the leg. Posteriorly are the hamstrings, which help bring the leg backward and flex the lower leg towards the buttocks. On the inner aspect are the abductors and adductors, to help kick your leg to the side.

Intense exercise, sitting for prolonged periods of time or deconditioning of your muscles, you may feel soreness which could make walking difficult and painful.

What Causes Sore Thigh Muscles

  • A muscle spasm is an important cause for thigh pain. A muscle spasm can occur anywhere in your body, however, the legs, especially the anterior muscles of the thigh, are very common site for spasms to manifest.
  • Overworked muscles and dehydration trigger thigh pain.
  • A tear in the fibers of the quadriceps muscle group triggers pain in the front of the thigh. Quadriceps tears are frequently seen in athletes participating in sprinting, jumping or kicking activities.
  • Contusion is a vital cause for thigh pain too. A muscle contusion is a bruise that is caused by one traumatic event or by recurrent blows from a blunt object.
    The muscle fibers and connective tissue get crushed and this sets off tremendous pain and soreness.

Symptoms: The thigh feels sore and painful. There will be some degree of swelling, tightness of the muscle and the muscle tone increases too. Occasionally, walking becomes excruciatingly painful too. There may be some associated tingling and numbness.

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Soreness In Thighs

  • Apply ice to the area where you experience soreness and discomfort. Place the covered ice pack on the sore portion and wrap an athletic bandage; this helps it stay in place. Apply ice for about 15 minutes every 2 to 3 hours.
  • Massage is by far the most effective treatment to get rid of muscular soreness. Confer with your health care provider / masseur and schedule a few sessions. The most successful massage technique for the thigh includes – pushing your hands from the knee upwards towards the hips; it allays muscle tension. Equally effective is – placing your hand on side of the thigh and massaging the muscles using rotating motions. Knead the muscle knots in the thighs gently, until you feel the knots fade away. Warm sesame seed oil is recommended for muscle pains and strains. You could also incorporate certain essential oils such as clove, lavender, nutmeg and ginger; these proffer wonderful results too.
  • Raising the leg by placing pillows underneath your heel is recommended too. This will assuage the inflammation and swelling.
  • In case the pain is excruciating, talk to your doctor and take an analgesic till the pain abates.
  • Have ginger tea daily, once or twice a day; ginger is packed with gingerols which quickly treats inflammation, swellings and pain.
  • Do not exercise till the muscle soreness subsides. Exercising when the muscles are extremely sore increases your risk for muscle tear. Confer with a physiotherapist and perform light stretching exercises for the thigh.
  • Always remember that a warm-up is crucial to prevent muscle soreness. Commence each workout with a 10 minute walking warm up and end your workout with a 10 minute stretching session. This will go a long way in averting thigh muscle soreness and pain.

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