Causes Of Sores On Scalp: Symptoms And Natural Home Remedies

Sores on scalp are common health problem caused due to many reasons. Besides being unsightly, this skin condition is irritating for the patient due to constant itching and burning sensation. The lesions can be flaky or crusty depending on the type of skin condition. The discharge from the sores can be watery or purulent if there is supper added bacterial infection.

Moisture, perspiration adds up to the problem.

In majority of cases scalp sores do not pose serious threat to health, but due to its location the condition can be quiet frustrating for the patient. Scalp sores and scabs can be treated with natural remedies effectively in many cases. However, if the sores are infected you may have to consult a dermatologist for the treatment.

What Causes Painful Sores On Scalp?

Scalp sores can result due to many causes. Too much dryness of scalp skin, dandruff, various skin conditions, blockage of hair roots and infection all contribute to form sores in scalp area.

  • Excessive perspiration in scalp area and oily scalp skin become opportunistic breeding ground for bacteria to multiply and cause infection, especially when the scalp skin breaks after rigorous scratching.
  • Use of shampoo that contain harsh chemicals, hair styling products, are often the main cause for producing sores in scalp area.
  • Other medical conditions such as psoriasis, fungus infection such as ringworm, staphylococcal bacterial infection, lesions of herpes and chickenpox, allergic dermatitis and eczema, and in rare cases stress are frequent reasons for scalp sores.

Symptoms Of Sores On Scalp

The symptoms of scalp sores are not different from symptoms of any other sores on other parts of skin. However, patient often becomes frustrated because of the hairy location. The lesions may spread from scalp area to forehead or below the occipital region towards neck.

Characteristic scalp sores are itchy, and burning. Flakes of skin come out of the sores when scratched as in case of dandruff, scalp psoriasis, and eczema of scalp. The sores are red and inflamed with pus or transparent fluid oozing out from the lesion.

Scalp sores are painful if there is bacterial infection. Rigorous scratching can result in bleeding from the lesion. Patient finds difficulty to comb his hair as the area becomes tender and painful.

Natural Remedies To Treat Sores On Scalp

Scalp sores more than being a serious threat to health are concerning and frustrating for the patient due to itching and burning sensation. The sores can be treated in conventional way by applying anti-fungal lotions, or antibacterial cream and lotions.

If the problem is caused due to dandruff and dry skin, the condition can be treated with natural anti-fungal shampoos that consist of tea tree oil. Washing the scalp area and hair with this shampoo will help in relieving the symptoms.

Oatmeal shampoo and washing the scalp with oatmeal is also effective in case of itchy scalp caused due to psoriasis.

Patient should prevent excessive perspiration on scalp. He should frequently clean scalp sweat with clean cloth. Using certain natural oils such as lavender, eucalyptus oil, will also alleviate itching and soreness produced due to skin lesions on scalp. Bacterial infection may need antibacterial treatment.