Spider Veins On Face: What Are Its Causes And Home Remedies?

Spider veins are red, purple or blue vessels that are visible through the surface of the skin. These veins are more frequently observed on the face. While this is not a life threatening condition, it is typically indicative of a tendency which is characterized by weakness of the network of veins in the body.

Spider veins are attributed to weakness in the valve of the veins, which results in accumulation of blood and thereby causing these veins to engorge.

What Causes Spider Veins On Face?

There are several predisposing factors that have been identified and considered to be closely linked with formation of spider veins on the face. Some of these factors include,

  • Genetics with hereditary predisposition.
  • Hormonal fluctuations especially during puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
  • Prolonged use of birth control pills or hormone replacement therapies.
  • History of formation of blood clots.
  • Conditions that may result in increased pressure in the head like bungee jumping, etc can cause spider veins on the face.
  • In some cases tumors can also compress the surrounding veins and cause damage.

Other causes may include injury or trauma or undue exposure to ultraviolet radiations. Spider veins are more frequently observed in women compared to men and increases in frequency as the age advances.

Home Remedies For Spider Veins On Face

In general spider veins are not associated with any complications or symptoms. The condition usually is associated with cosmetic concerns, though occasionally patients may complain of itching or burning around these spider veins. Here are some simple home remedies and lifestyle tips that can reduce venous engorgement and thereby reduce spider veins on face,

  • Avoid activities that may result in increase in the intracranial pressure. Lifting heavy weights or engaging in sports like bungee jumping can increase the pressure in the head suddenly, increasing the risk of formation of spider veins.
  • Thinning of the skin, can also lead to spider veins, which is common among elderly. Local application of Vitamin A and E oils are useful in strengthening the collagen containing inner layers. Walnut oil and almond oil are very useful in dealing with spider veins associated with thinning of the skin.
  • Prevent undue exposure to the sun. Excessive exposure to the sun can also damage the skin layers. One should ideally apply SPF15 lotions on the skin before going out in the sun. Avoid the sun from 10 am to 4 pm especially during summers. Wearing protective clothing like a hat or a scarf can also be useful.
  • Some experts suggest that blood clots can also increase the risk of spider veins, hence include pungent foods like onion and garlic in your diet. These foods are natural blood thinners and will prevent clot formation. However consult your physician before you make the dietary modification, especially in individuals suffering from blood clotting disorders.
  • Homeopathy can be beneficial in the management of the condition. Homeopathic drugs namely Arnica Montana and Sepia are considered useful in dealing with weakness in the network of veins. These drugs should be taken after consulting your healthcare provider.

Scleortherapy is an effective treatment to deal with spider veins, though this procedure is usually considered for large spider veins.

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