8 Ways to Naturally Stay Awake for a Longer Time

In modern times work culture has drastically changed. People work overtime and sometime even from home to finish their pending task. For this they may have to remain awake late at night. Sometimes this may not be easy as you may feel sleepy. In such situation, it can be difficult to concentrate and keep focused on the job that needs to be completed.

People often turn on towards caffeinated drinks to stay awake. However, too much of caffeine can be harmful in many ways. Excess of coffee can cause anxiety, restlessness, and decrease in quality of sleep. So next time if you want to stay awake, avoid such stimulants and adopt these important natural tips that can keep you awake whenever the need arises.

Natural ways to stay awake when you feel sleepy:

Here are several easy ways that you can try stay awake.

  • Give rest to your eyes: If you are sitting and working on a computer for long period of time, you may feel sleepy and fatigued. This may also cause eyestrain and other health problems.
    A quick nap can be useful to refresh. Take 10 minutes nap or if you cannot in your workplace, sit for 10 minutes quietly with your eyes closed.
  • Driving for a long distance often cause fatigue and sleepiness, especially during nighttime. It is extremely dangerous when you feel sleepy while driving. Although tricks like opening window and listening to loud music can keep you awake for some time, the best ways is to park the car aside and take a quick nap. Another alternative is to handover someone else to drive while you pull off the road.
  • Wash your face: Washing the face with cool water helps to keep you to stay awake for long period of time. This method is especially effective when you are working on a computer and feel sleepy. Or when you are reading or studying. Washing your face with cold water refreshes you instantly and gives fresh feeling.
  • Take a break and move around: If you are having sitting job or desk work, after every few hours take a brake and walk around. A brisk walk for few minutes will provide the needed energy and vitalize your body once again. Stretching your legs will help to improve blood circulation.
  • Brighten your room: Keep away from dim light. Working or reading in dim light makes you feel sleepy. The level of melatonin increases. It is the hormone which helps to fall asleep. Illuminate the room with bright light and allow the sunlight to enter the room if it is daytime.
  • Drink water: Working for long period of time without drinking water can cause mild to moderate dehydration. This may lead to tiredness and fatigue. Make sure you drink enough water at frequent interval to replenish your body with fluids. You can also eat juicy fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat apple: Eating apple in between your work keeps you alert and awake. Apple contains high amount of fructose, fiber and carbohydrates that gives instant energy and prevents sleepiness.
  • Drink tea: Drinking tea keeps you awake for a long period of time. Add some spices such as cardamom, cinnamon and ginger to black tea.