How Can Stress Be The Cause Of Miscarriage In Early Pregnancy?

Researchers are working hard to find a link between stress and its effect on pregnant women. Many of them suspect stressful life situation as one of the cause for miscarriage in women. Proponents of this school of thought believe; a high level of physical or emotional ups and downs in a woman’s life in early pregnancy can be a reason for miscarriage.

Actually Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted in excess in the event of stressful situation. It is therefore also known as stress hormone by many. The hormone is produced by adrenal gland. It plays an important role in regulating blood pressure, blood sugar level, and carbohydrate metabolism. In normal human, its level in morning is slightly high than in evening. The hormone is labeled as stress hormone because when the body is under stress, the adrenal gland releases it in more quantity.

A slight rise in such situation uplifts a person’s energy level. It also lowers the pain stimuli as well as improves one’s immunity. At the same time, the few good qualities of cortisol hormone may prove to have adverse effect on the body if its level in the body stays elevated for a long period of time.

This happens when a person remains stressed for a long time or remains chronically stressed. The bad effect includes high blood pressure, irregular blood sugar level, muscle and bone weakness etc. To an extent, researchers suspect excess level of cortisol is a reason for miscarriage.

How Does Stress Cause A Miscarriage?

Rise of cortisol level in early pregnancy can adversely affect progesterone. Progesterone is a female hormone which plays a vital role in a woman’s menstrual cycle. After ovulation, the hormone progesterone rises in a woman’s body. It keeps the inner lining of uterus thick and strengthened so that the fertilized egg gets properly embedded on its wall. If there is no fertilization, the level of progesterone reduces naturally. This leads to shedding of inner lining of uterus and menstrual bleeding takes place.

The issue arises when cortisol remains high in blood which simultaneously reduces the level of progesterone hormone. When pregnant women remains stressed during her pregnancy or during the embedment of ovum in the uterus, she carries a risk of miscarriage as the level of progesterone is low. So, during this period, it is always necessary for a pregnant woman to keep her progesterone level high. It can be done only when she remains stress free. Thus the level of cortisol will lower with reducing stress.

How To Prevent Miscarriage Due To Stress?

By now, you know that extreme stressful situation can be a suspected cause for miscarriage, it is important to keep your life relaxed and peaceful, especially during pregnancy. You can do this by avoiding stress in first place or you should know how to manage and control it if you are too stressed. With growing age, chances of miscarriage also rises as compared to young age.

Here are some of the ways that can help to prevent miscarriage.

  • Stay stress free when you are pregnant. Practice yoga and meditation as they are of immense benefit when you are stressed.
  • Eat nutritious and fresh food.
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol.
  • Drink coffee and tea in limit. Avoid too much of caffeinated drinks.
  • Avoid trauma to your abdomen and fall.
  • Continue doing moderate exercise. Avoid doing heavy physical activity.

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