How Are Rashes Caused By Stress: What Are Its Natural Remedies?

Stress plays havoc with our lives, both mentally and physically. While usually we believe that stress can impact your concentration or ability to think clearly, stress can also manifest in form of symptoms that are physically visible. These symptoms are referred to as psycho-somatic symptoms and rash on skin is a common symptom.

Skin rash may be attributed to a wide range of causes ranging for infection to allergies. However one of the more important causes that can lead to rash and a host of other skin ailments like vitiligo or leucoderma is stress.

Elevated levels of physical and mental stress can affect hormonal balance in the body which in turn can impact metabolism and immunity, which in turn can result in manifestation of a host of physical symptoms. This article provides information about how to get rid of rash from stress.

How Do Stress And Anxiety Cause Skin Rashes?

Any form of physical or mental stress tends to have a direct effect on the functioning of the brain. Anxiety, apprehension, depression, etc affect the biological regulatory functions that are performed by the brain.

It is apparent that stress tends to affect the functioning of neurotransmitters that carry signals from the brain to the endocrine glands for the production of specific hormones. This hampers the functioning of endocrine glands and alters the production of important hormones that regulate metabolic and physiological functions.

Altered production of hormones directly disrupts metabolic activities of the cells, which in turn results in a weakened immune system and this in turn is associated with increased risk of development of ailments.

Disrupted hormonal activities results in over-activation of the sebaceous glands located in the outer layer of the skin. Excessive sweat production increases the risk of accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the skin, leading to blocking of skin pores. Bacterial growth on the skin, coupled with poor immunity can lead to inflammation of the skin, thereby resulting in rash on the skin. This can lead to a host of skin ailments ranging from eczema, dermatitis to acne, rash and hives.

Natural Remedies For Stress Rash

While there are different types of treatment options for the management of rash including local applications, home remedies and alternative therapies, most of these treatment option will only provide temporary relief. It is therefore important to treat the underlying cause of the rash i.e. stress.

Stress management includes an entire gamut of strategies which are aimed at calming the mind and detoxifying the body. Here are a few important stress management strategies, which can help you get rid of rash due to stress,

  • Mediation is the key to calm the nerves and help in alleviating anxiety and apprehension. Meditation helps establish a connection with your inner-self, which is very important to enhance your confidence and ability to cope with mental stress.
  • Yoga is considered to play a vital role in reducing stress. Yoga exercises performed every day help improve the muscle tone, burns down fat, enhances immunity and thereby creates an overall sense of well-being. All of this is very useful to enhance your self-confidence and fight stress.
  • A healthy diet is also very important. Ensure that your diet is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid oily and spicy food. Avoid meat and junk food. Stop smoking and avoid alcohol. Drink lots of water. These healthy dietary practices will improve bowel movement and detoxify the blood naturally.
  • One may also try techniques like acupressure and counseling to reduce overall levels of stress.

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