What Causes Sunburn on Skin | Reasons of Sun Burn Infection

Sunburn Causes:

The main cause of sunburn is a person’s exposure to the UV rays of the sun. When a person exposes his skin to the sun’s rays, depending on how fast his skin absorbs these UV rays and how hot the sun is on that day, sunburn can be mild or severe.

Here are some reasons why a person may get sunburn:

  • A person may get sunburn if they are exposed to the sun for a long period of time, like when they are at the beach, at an open air ball game, at a picnic, and other similar outdoor events. The probability of sunburn is high if the person does not have sunblock or protective gear to keep the sun’s rays at bay.
  • When a person uses a tanning bed for getting that golden-skinned look they love, they are actually also prone to sunburn. Too much tanning or misuse of a tanning bed can also give a person sunburn since these machines use UV rays to give a person the even tan that they want to get without even having to stay out in the sun.
  • There is a higher possibility and incidence of sunburns in people who are fair skinned than those who have darker skin and even more so when this type of a person goes to places where the sun is at its hottest like in places near the equator.

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