How to Prevent Sunburn on Skin Symptoms | Home Remedies For Sun Burn

How Sunburn Affects The Skin

Sunburn is the term used for the pain and discomfort felt by the patient after prolonged exposure to the sun or sun-like devices such as tanning beds.

Symptoms of Sunburn

Sunburn can be very painful and could last for days. The following symptoms are often experienced by a sunburn patient:

  • Redness of the skin
  • Skin is warm to touch
  • Darkening of the skin
  • Peeling of the skin after days of exposure.
  • Blisters or welts for prolonged exposure under the intense sun. The blisters could become also infected and become filled with pus.

Sunburn can affect the person’s movement as he/she might experience pain whenever the burnt area comes in touch with clothing or is stretched/contracted during movement.

Sunburn Prevention

When the individual wants to avoid getting sunburns, one of the sure-fire ways to do so is to stay out of the sun. Staying out of the sun’s rays will help ensure that the person does not get burned at all. If staying out of the sun is out of the question, here are some preventive measures that can be taken to avoid sunburns:

  • Try to cover up when there is a need to get out into the sun.
    If the individual is prone to burns, then he or she must wear protective clothing to minimize the exposure of the skin to harmful UV rays that may cause sunburn.
  • In wearing clothing that will expose the skin to the sun, like in the case of beachwear and swimwear, try to protect the skin with the use of sunblock or sunscreen.
  • To protect the face from sunburn, use a foundation or face powder that has SPF protection to help keep the sun from burning it when one is out in the open. It is also advised to use protective gear like umbrellas, broad brimmed hats, and visors to help keep the sun from hitting the face.
  • Try to avoid tanning beds, if possible. Opt for spray-on tans. Better yet, if possible, forgo tanning and go the natural way.

Home Remedies to Treat Sunburn

  • One of the most soothing remedies to sunburn is bathing and soaking in a tub filled with cool water. This water can also be added with peppermint oil, rose water, or even vinegar.
  • Also, it is soothing to use the gel from the inner part of the aloe vera plant.

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