Symptoms of Chest Congestion & How to get Rid of It with Home Remedies

In chest congestion the person feels as if some heavy object is kept on his chest. This feeling of chest tightness can occur to any person and of all ages, it is due to excess mucus built up in the lungs and air passages. Chest congestion needs immediate medical attention among children, elderly individuals, persons suffering from chronic disease and in those having low immunity.

 The rate of mortality among these group rises if left without medical intervention.

There are several reasons for chest congestion, it can be due to minor common cold or can be a result of asthmatic attack. It can be due to bronchitis or due to pneumonia. Since there are many reasons that cause chest congestion, it is necessary to distinguish chest congestion symptoms that need medical intervention and those that can be treated with simple home remedies.

What are the Symptoms of Chest Congestion

  • Feeling of tightness in chest.
  • A person finds difficulty in breathing. Frequently breathes deeply to expand lungs.
  • Dry cough.
  • Cough with wheezing.
  • Fatigue, exhausting and irritating cough without any expectoration.
  • Person finds difficulty while talking.
  • There may be concomitant chest pain.
  • Sputum may be tinged with blood.
  • Feeling as if lump in chest.

In some cases the phlegm is lose and it can be expelled without any difficulty with each bout of cough.

In few other cases, the cough is dry and it becomes difficult to expel the sputum, the patient then experiences chest pain. Fever and rigors may be concomitant symptoms together with chest congestion.  Chest congestion can occur due to allergic reaction to medicines, it may be accompanied with breathlessness, lips and tongue swelling, perspiration etc.

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Chest Congestion

You can get rid of chest congestion with simple home remedies when the cause is minor as cold and flu; in case of major health problem you need medical intervention. Few simple home remedies that can help to get rid of congestion are:

  • Increased intake of water and fluids: increased intake of fluid has double advantage; it helps to liquefy the hard sputum that has stuck in the lungs and the air passages. With this it flushes out the offending agent such as a virus, bacteria, allergen or an irritant. Fruit juice has the added advantage of vitamin C that helps to fight the infectious agent.
  • You can also drink warm tea. Warm green tea has plenty of antioxidants. Add one teaspoon of honey for enhancing the effect of green tea as well as its taste. Honey is known to have curative action on your respiratory tract.
  • Steam inhalation: it is a well proved method for chest congestion. Due to heat and moisture in steam, the hard mucus in the air tubes loosens and it becomes easy for the body to throw it out.
  • Warm compression: wrap warm towel around your chest. It helps to relieve the congestion in your chest as well as chest pain.
  • Ginger tea relieves chest congestion. You can add honey for taste. Ginger tea with honey reduces the inflammation of the bronchi and restores your normal breathing.

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