Natural Treatments For Tennis Elbow: How To Treat Shooter’s Elbow

What is Tennis Elbow (Shooter’s Elbow)?

Tennis elbow is the term used for the injury of the common extensor tendon which is exhibited by pain in the outer elbow. Its medical term is lateral epicondylitis.

The injury is so named because it is mostly experienced by tennis players who had to do repetitive swinging motions as they play.

Still, the injury is not limited to tennis players as anyone can experience it, especially those who have to do heavy lifting.

This is also called as shooter’s elbow and archer’s elbow.

How To Treat Archer’s Elbow

Anyone who has a tennis elbow should consult a doctor to find the proper medication and solution for this problem.

  • The first thing that the doctor will do is diagnose the condition, ruling out other problems such as nerve injuries.
  • To make sure that the tendon is stabilized to promote faster healing, a brace may be placed about 10 cm down the forearm. Do not place the brace on top of the painful area.
  • To help the patient deal with the pain, the doctor will prescribe pain relievers such as NSAIDs.
  • If there is an inflammation, the doctor might consider injecting steroids unto the affected area.
  • Physical therapy may also be ordered to ensure quicker and proper healing.

Home Remedies For Tennis Elbow

Still, natural cures may also work for the patient. Here are a few home remedies that the patient might want to try:

  • A person with tennis elbow can use a potato pack to help heal the injury. It is quite simple to make a potato pack. Place a couple of warm boiled large potatoes in a piece of cloth and place this over the affected area. This potato pack can be tied over the area to help minimize the pain and reduce swelling.
  • Using hot and cold compress can also help minimize the pain. Just soak a couple of clean washcloths in bowls of water, one in hot water and the other in ice cold water. Alternate putting these two cloths over the affected arm.
  • A hot pepper salve can also help in alleviating the pain from the affected arm.
  • One of the most common home treatments that patients can use for tennis elbow is the ice pack. If the pain in the arm intensifies, place an ice pack over it for 15 minutes or so to reduce the pain.

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