How to Get Out Foreign Object Stuck in Throat Naturally at Home

Whenever you feel a foreign body stuck in throat you have to remain calm, so that it may not be pushed further down. Many times the patient may feel a stuck piece of fish bone or a chicken bone in his throat after eating a fish or a chicken. There may be a foreign body sensation still prevailing even if there is no such thing in his throat.

This may happen when any sharp object hidden in the food bolus brushes the pharyngeal wall. Foreign object sensation in throat is a discomforting symptom experienced due to gastroesophageal reflux.

Foreign object stuck in throat is a serious matter and it has to be addressed as quickly as possible. An impacted fish bone when not removed can perforate the esophagus in few days, or even a round object can cause serious problems of obstruction. Other foreign objects such as an impacted button battery require rapid intervention as the leakage of the alkaline material from the cell can cause necrosis of the tissues. Tablets and capsules when swallowed can get stuck in the throat, this may depend on what the medicine is, as in case of tetracycline or ibuprofen there are chances of an ulcer formation due to irritation.

However there are least chances of such obstruction with medicines and tablets.

How to Get Out Foreign Object Stuck in Throat

To get out the stuck foreign object from the throat here are some simple tips.

  • Recollect what food you have eaten.
  • Let the patient sit on the chair, inspect his throat and the oropharynx with a tongue depressor if the foreign object is visible
  • Chew few pieces of French fries together and swallow the whole bolus at one go. The mixture of saliva, salt and potato act together smoothly on the walls of the pharynx and push the foreign object downwards into the stomach. If the object is not big it will get excreted through stools.
  • Drink a cup of water and see if the sensation is reduced.
  • Eat two or three bananas. This helps to dislodge the stuck foreign object.
  • Swallow a lump of bread after chewing. It is another simple home remedy available to pull down the foreign object from the throat.
  • Foreign object sensation in throat when present since many days and months and there is no pathology involved after examination by your doctor, reflux esophagitis may be the cause. You can try to sleep with your head high at night to prevent backward acid flow which may give the sensation of sensation of foreign object in the throat.
  • When it is difficult and there is sensation choking sensation you should immediately rush to your doctor.
  • Sometimes an impacted object in the throat may require laryngoscopy or naso pharyngoscopy.

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